Factor Eight’s new dance inspired track is a taxing journey of the senses

Posted on 15 September 2022
By Khyle Deen
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Award winning visual media composer and experimental artist Factor Eight returns with a new mind-bending track as part of his ‘A Voice’ series, with ‘A Voice (III)’, which comes ahead of his debut album ‘II’ set to drop on 31st October 2022.

Securing a SOCAN Foundation Award, five Western Canadian Music Award nominations and recently winning Visual Media Composer of the Year award, Factor Eight’s talent has not gone unnoticed as he gears up for the release of his debut album.

His new track ‘A Voice (III)’ is taken directly from his ‘A Voice’ series which is embedded in the album. The raw nature of these tracks relies solely on the manipulation of his voice which serves as a personal narrative, transporting the listener into the emotional and polarised psyche of Factor Eight.

With the new track, Factor Eight defines what is possible not only as an artist but an engineer, contorting his voice into something unrecognisable and perfectly genius. Drawing influence from artists such as Trent Razor, David August and Max Cooper, ‘A Voice (III)’ presents as dance-inspired ambient. Orbiting a terrific spectrum of pummelling bass, glistening melodies and industrial drum parts, all interwoven into what Factor Eight calls “a rather taxing journey of both the senses and emotion.”

His emphasis on mental health remains intact throughout the entirety of his upcoming album ‘II’ as he relays his personal narrative and experience living with bipolar disorder. Organically expressing the duality between his personal and artistic voice, Factor Eight seeks to break the stigma that surrounds the wellness culture, proudly increasing awareness of the issue by bringing it to the forefront.

“Common across all of my work, I channel emotion into my music. This project came out of a particularly challenging experience, and it really felt cathartic to come back to it over the time that it was being created. I feel as though music can act as a vessel to capture and relay emotion to the audience — hopefully being a moving experience for both the artist and the listener alike.”

“It’s a dark, spacious piece of music that’s haunting in parts and yet hopeful in others.”

“…music opens the door to critical conversations about wellness and mental health.”

‘A Voice (III)’ is out now.