EP launch for Last Reserves at The Shipping Forecast Liverpool

Posted on 3 November 2016
By Louise Andrews
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Liverpool based punk band Last Reserves have been getting ready to release their brand new EP ‘Almost Roadkill’ next month.

Having produced artists such as The Beatles and Echo & The Bunnymen, Liverpool is well equipped when handling new music, that is something that LR have not forgotten when promoting their band.

They have taken full advantage of all that Liverpool has to offer by playing in various venues and keeping up to date with all the local artists.

Having made friends with many different local musicians and bands such as Cal Ruddy, Red Winter and Meet the Robots they have quickly built up not only a friendship circle of talent but a fan base of similar creative minds who are supporting them through their journey.

This is, however, only the beginning of their story.

Last Reserves are a band that thrive through live performance and they have been working extremely hard to try and translate that energy into their new EP.

You can definitely hear how they got inspiration from The Clash in their music, Alice Nancy, the lead singer, sounding like Joe Strummer from the bands ’Should I stay or Should I go” days, however, LR is all about originality and they have managed to keep their sound unique stating that their aim is to strip punk back to its bare bones.

Matt, Jack, James and Phil work effortlessly together, their passion and love of the music showing through every drum beat and guitar strum, they create the perfect sound and are clearly skilled musicians.

Alice uses her voice not only to express the emotion of the song but the emotion of every word she is saying, this is a technique that many successful artists, such as Jeff Buckley, have used in the past and helps convey meaning in their music.

The music is very fast paced but Alice still manages to keep up with the tracks and the boys know how to complement her singing, you can tell they work efficiently as a team and clearly get on extremely well.

They play loud and fast with a lot of energy and shouting, they say while they love spending time in the studio, they are very much a live band as punk is the type of music you need to jump around to and LR would encourage anyone interested in them to come and see them at a gig.

This is not to say that their records don’t do them justice as they have managed to translate their live energy perfectly through their recorded music.

When asked where they see themselves in the future the band said: “We’d love to play more festivals, keep writing and recording and we’d love to tour at some point too.”

The band will be holding the official EP launch at The Shipping Forecast (15 Slater Street, L1 4 Liverpool) on the 12th of November from 6:30pm.

Check them out here