Emmecosta gifts a post-club anthem for the lonely late night on new track titled UmaybeU

Posted on 23 November 2022
By Khyle Deen
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In the wake of the splash left behind by their return from a five year hiatus, dream pop trio Emmecosta stays true to their enigmatic sound on their intoxicating new single ‘UmaybeU’, available now via Icons Creating Evil Art as their second single of the calendar year.

Hailing from the coastal Italian village of Positano, the post-club troop has been reclusively living and creating in Sweden since 2015. Only this year has two thirds of the outfit moved back to their home country, setting up shop in Milan and gearing to re-embrace their Italian roots while simultaneously blending them with their cultivated Swedish identity in their newest work. ‘UmaybeU’ follows their previous single ‘White River’ as a sample of what to expect in the near future.

‘UmaybeU’ throws you under the luminescence of a street light as disorienting as a stare at the sun, your mind autonomously reminiscing on good things that are far gone as you stumble out of the club.
Little more than a xylophonic melody, sharp yet constrained hi-hats and a steady bass create a sense of desolation that builds to a point of physically weighing upon the being of the listener.

The haunting minimalism and lush undertones of their past work, which have been heralded by Complex, Noisey, Clash and Stereogum in years past, remain front and centre on ‘UmaybeU’ as acid-washed background instrumentals allow gorgeously subdued vocals to pierce through a veil. The track highlights a sense of vulnerability founded on mournfulness, eliciting discomfort yet offering consolation all at once.

Of the single, the band said: “I bought you into this distant, warm place, where the sun would be melting all us away. We did our last dance, bareboned. Stared at the dawn. You’re now a memory, I found your love. P.S. Still hope they put us in the same jar <3”. ‘UmaybeU’ serves as the second lead single ahead of Emmecosta’s debut LP ‘Overnight’ which is set to release sometime in 2023.