Drum N Bass veteran DJ Fresh admits singers are just like instruments to him

Posted on 31 January 2014
By James McAllister
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Drum ‘n’ Bass veteran DJ Fresh has admitted that he sees that artists he collaborates with more as instruments than singers.

In a recent interview the DJ said: “With my stuff, it comes about from me making a track and having ideas for a hook. Then I look at who might fit it.

“On the whole I’m more excited about working with producers and people I’m wowed by technically, in terms of their musical vision, rather than with singers. I generally see singers as instruments.”

The music veteran goes onto admit: “A lot of singers you encounter as a producer are amazing but they don’t know much about songwriting. I expect the worst these days.”

The Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ has recently released a single featuring the garage legend Ms Dynamite. The artists have come together once again to record a sequel to the track Gold Dust.

Venturing from his underground roots as a Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ, Daniel Stein is now exploring the world of commercial recording playing events with boy band JLS and One Direction.

He said: “It’s funny to be put in that world – it says a lot about the role dance music is playing in British music.”

Dibby Dibby Sound featuring Ms Dynamite is out Monday February 3.