Don Broco talk to us about a new album ahead of their Manchester gig

Posted on 5 December 2013
By James McAllister
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One of the hardest things for a band to do is find their identity. You can know what you want to sound like, but it won’t help set you apart in a world where talent shows reign dominant.

The idea of Don Broco started back in the bands youth when they would play spontaneous gigs to friends.

“We had a band at school, but we could only fit in a couple of practices and one or two gigs a year. It mainly became about about keeping the band together.”

The boys didn’t take form as we know them today until they met up after University.

“The band really started, I guess, when we left University and we would meet up to write songs.”

Front man Simon feels naming the band and writing songs really helped the band grasp a sense of who they are.

“In the past we’ve been haunted by names with people not knowing how to pronounce it, or no one knowing how to spell it.”

“We had one or two working titles in the early years like ‘Club Sex’ but they were all too jokey.”

“We decided to change it because we wanted to write music moving forward and we wanted the name to conjure up an image of the band instead of a particular sound.”

Touring the empty function rooms of Britain under their new name, the band built up a core following who became addicted to their catchy choruses and high energy melodic rock.

“When we first started we would play anywhere we could get a gig. There were some really ropey venues and no one would ever come, which probably wasted about a year.”

“Through the smaller venues we eventually started to pick up a fan base. That really helped us get the name out there.”

The band then went onto play to bigger and bigger crowds, even scoring festival slots at Camden Crawl and Download Festival.

Releasing their debut album Priorities last Summer they set of on a whirlwind headline tour that they have been on ever since.

Simon admits they have been playing full sets in venues their former schoolboy-selves could only ever dream of.

Working from the mantra “you can only ever be as good as the song allows you to be” the band’s music is taking them from strength to strength.

“We like to try the songs out live first before getting them into the studio. Our songs are constantly changing right up until the last minute. We adapt it changing verses and adding choruses. So, the version that we first do live might be completely different to the one we record.”

Biffy Clyro have been a big influence on the band’s musical direction. Rob talks about “not really having a set route for song writing”, which allows them to take their music in whatever direction they choose.

“I think it’s important for bands to change and evolve from album to album and change out different things that they try.”

Once the band has finished touring later this month, thoughts will be turning to a new album.

“We are starting to think about writing for the next album once the tour is done. By the second half of next year we will be looking to release something.”

Releasing a second album is both an exciting and scary time for a band.

Rob agrees: “we get to play new music, but we haven’t got a lot of time to turn it around in.”

Catch Don Broco this Friday in Manchester:

Dec 06 – The Ritz – Manchester, United Kingdom.