Disclosure eye up US rap legends for second album

Posted on 6 June 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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House duo Disclosure have rounded up a dream team of the best in US hip hop scene to collaborate on their second album.

Brothers Guy, 22, and Howard Lawrence ,19, have released their debut album Settle, which features Jessie Ware, Eliza Doolittle, and Sasha Keable.

Already planning big things for the future, Guy said: “The next time we could make a hip hop, R&B album.

Howard agreed: “We wanted to get a rapper on the current one. We only listen to American rappers anyway.

“We are hugely into US hip hop so would love to work with Kendrik Lamar, A$AP Rocky or maybe someone older like Q-Tip or someone from Gang Starr. We are definitely up for doing something with that.”

“We are playing bigger venues and longer tours all the time over there. We just did a festival in Seattle and it could have been London.

“It was mental – 10,000 people crowd surfing and singing along.”

The duo already have three hits under their belt and big things predicted for their album and the brothers know it’s been their year.

Howard said: “Its a combination of right timing, a bit of luck and hard work.”

Guy added: “A year ago, getting an album like ours into the Top 40, let alone the Top Five, would have been impossible.”

Their album is out now and faces Queens Of The Stone Age’s Like Clockwork for the No 1 spot.