Dirtblonde gig news – Liverpool date at Badformat Social Club

Posted on 13 February 2010
By Amy Roberts
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It’s no secret that Purple Revolver has MAJOR band love for Dirtblonde – so when we heard that our favourite Liverpool scuzz-peddling two piece were performing in the rad surroundings of Badformat Social Club at Hurdy Gurdy this Friday 19th February we just had to yell the news at you fine people to come down and see them.

Playing cool-as-fuck rock’n’noise, their live show is one never to be missed and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to thrash yourself about to a band that good would you?

Thought not.

Gig starts at 8 and also features performances from The Grande, The Mission Babies, Chocolate Sex Houses and The Briefcase Of Fire – £4 on the door and £3 to you lucky students with NUS.

See you there.

Official Site: http://www.dirtblonde.co.uk/

Badformat Social Club: http://www.badformat.co.uk/socialclub/

See the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=313612291736&ref=mf

Dirtblonde blurb:

“Poptones.co.uk have never listened to such unabashed bile of pure rock’n’roll scuzz since we’ve last put on Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy ‘Never Understand’. Dirtblonde roll around in drugged-up punk rock f*** you noise like they are the last rock’n’roll gang in town” Alan McGee’s Poptones

“Not many bands in Liverpool could be described as having true punk energy. Dirtblonde are one. Not falling into any traps of the poseur or pastiche, Ivan and Lula are the real deal: scuzz-loving, gritty noiseniks, with a live show that will floor you. Raw power, if you like…” Liverpool.com

“”This is what we dream of demos sounding like – scuzzy, raw, and seemingly built upon total and utter boredom with everything. Dirtblonde are a two-sword rock’n’roll traincrash and we like them a lot.” The Stool Pigeon

“Dirtblonde’s raw, gritty noise punk is reminiscent of an era when punk wasn’t yet mainstream and there was no pop about it. Though they may not be household names yet, I say give it time. These Liverpool natives [sic] are bringing the raucous energy back to punk and will no doubt put on an awesome show at SXSW this year.” Austin Sound Check, Texas

“Dirtblonde operate in a twilight world where the canonical bands are not the Beatles or Beach Boys and their heirs but the Cramps, 60s garage punk, The Stooges, Pussy Galore, The Kills, mid 70s New York punk. An imagined place where music can offend and inspire not simply end up as incidental music in a mall or on football highlights. And for this, and their winning ways with the primitive, primeval riff and hook, I salute them. Turn up the treble and pass the amphetamine please!” Is This Music?

“They look and sound like a cross between Sid & Nancy and Bonnie’n’ Clyde fed through a fuzz box. The guitarist looks like he’s been on a crash course of rock n roll behaviour with The Cribs…[he] ends up trashing the set, and smashing his guitar into a glass bottle at the entrance of the venue. They seem to leave the audience speechless.” – BBC

“[They] make an uncompromising noise and play chaotic gigs which often end with broken guitars, bruises, and blood. There has never been anything like them in Liverpool…” GIBSON.COM