Dennis Ferrer to play East Village Arts Club

Posted on 29 January 2014
By Alicia Martin
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Brooklyn born producer and DJ Dennis Ferrer is no stranger to the dance music scene.

Ferrer’s contribution to house music is immense and his style of combining the best elements of techno, house and soul have seen him work alongside some of the best labels and artists in the game.

The 43 year-old has worked on dance classics like Blaze’s Most Precious Love and Cure And The Cause by Fish Go Deep, not forgetting his own 2009 hit Hey Hey.

Ferrer calls his own music tech-soul/deep house but admit’s his sound is always changing: “It’s always changing because dance music always changes. If you are to remain relevant, then you must embrace change and be comfortable with the knowledge that at some point you are going to shed your skin.”

Speaking out about the rise in popularity of commercial electronic music, the house veteran said:

“I think that underground house is doing well because it’s never strayed too far from what it’s always been, the buck against the system, the cool thing to be in. EDM is considered way too mainstream for the too-cool sorts. They don’t visit the establishments that play that music, so the place to be is in cooler underground clubs that hold a much smaller capacity.”

Clubs such as the East Village Arts Club in Liverpool, where Ferrer will be playing alongside Steve Lawler and Yousef on February, 1.

Aside from running his record label Objektivity, Ferrer has ” a bunch on releases, remixes an tons of gigs” in the pipeline, including the upcoming Circus Presents Viva Warriors event in Liverpool. He said:

“Expect it to be a party, a not-so-serious event. I play to have fun because it is a celebration of life. This is what I believe a DJ should provide.”

Tickets for Circus presents Viva Warriors at the East Village Arts Club are available now.