Dan Patlansky: Introvertigo

Posted on 4 April 2016
By Chris High
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From ear-bursting out-and-out rockers to deliciously performed Blues melodies guaranteed to have the most ardent fan of the genre nodding in approval, Dan Patlansky’s second studio album Introvertigo is Manna From Blues Heaven.

Having added the debut Dear Silence Thieves to the collection recently, there were some fears of Second Album Syndrome striking. Have no such concerns though because this is a collection of eclectic musical dynamite and make no mistake.

The opening Run, be warned, is tailor made for the live arena and needs turning up just as much as your hearing can bear it, such is the power with which it roars from the speakers. Whereas the retrospective, seemingly regret-filled Still Wanna Be Your Man is straight out of the Classic Blues handbook, though dusted down and given a new injection of energy.

Bet On Me, as the title suggests, exudes confidence from every pore with its repeated anthemic rhythm pulsating through to the legs so you are dragged to your feet in appreciation which when compared to the fun filled, pseudo AC/DC lyricism of Stop the Messin’ is like comparing satin to silk paint: you can’t other than to admire the respective finishes of each in its correct context.

Yet without question, for sheer brilliance, pulsing rhythms, superb musicianship and over all impudence, you are going to have to go a long, long way to find something as joyous concerning the woes of living on the street as Heartbeat. If anything underlines Patlansky’s lyrical and compositional brilliance it is this 2 minutes and 44 seconds of utter magic, with its subtle backing vocals being consumed bar-by-bar by some of the most energised guitar work around.

With s selection of eclectic, electric energy, Dan Patalnsky has come of age with Introvertigo and the South African is very definitely jockeying for position up there with the best in the business right now.

Dan Patlansky
Label: Caroline International P&D
10 Tracks
Released: May 6, 2016
PR Rating: ***** Superb
Dan Patlansky will be at The Chester Live Rooms on Sunday June 12th. For tickets: www.theliverooms.com/event/dan-patlansky


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