Cream Ibiza / Creamfields 2011 – Eddie Halliwell interview

Posted on 27 March 2011
By Richard Lewis
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Eddie Halliwell, recently shortlisted for the accolade of ‘Greatest DJ of all Time’ in Mixmag is one of the most revered DJs working in dance music today.

In addition to regularly touring the world, taking in the US, Russia, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, he presents the Fire It Up Radio Show, syndicated to over ten million listeners around the world.

His ED-IT show, which allows him to re-mix and re-edit tracks live onstage in harness with dazzling visuals will be one of the highlights of Amnesia in Ibiza’s 2011 season, before he heads back to Blighty to play Creamfields at the end of August.

In addition to this, Eddie became the first DJ to launch a free iPhone app last year, keeping his fans in the loop with his movements. Purple Revolver talked to him before the summer madness begins.

PR: You looking forward to the Ibiza madness kicking off?

“One hundred percent, Ibiza is fantastic, it’s one of my favourite places to play live. It’s only a two hour flight away, so you can always meet up with family and friends. Brazil is another great place to play, people there just go out to party, they don’t care about the name of the DJ.

PR: Your show in Ibiza at Amnesia ED-IT, can we expect to see anything special on the terrace?

“Definitely, it would be nice to have that everywhere, it creates more of a buzz onstage, ED-IT is more of a stage show, it makes it really easy to mash tracks up with the technology that we’ve got. It makes it more memorable, having the images as well, there’s mates of mine who’ve gone to club nights and not really remembered it, this way it makes it more memorable,

PR: You use new technology a lot with your DJ sets, do you ever worry you might start getting ‘Error’ messages halfway through a set?

“Yeah, we make sure that it’s pretty bulletproof, we’ve put a lot of hard work and time into it. In the DJ world, things are always evolving, it’s good that people are using the tech’ to improve what’s going on. When things started to move from vinyl to CD, people were resistant to it, ‘cos at the beginning there was only a small community of people using it. ED-IT are one-off things, I’ve seen people go hell for leather with new technology and it can go over people’s heads, it’s like I was saying , if it’s not stable you’ll have people saying ‘That’s rubbish’.

PR: You seem to be interested in staying ahead of the curve with new technology, your iPhone app is the first of it’s kind isn’t it?

“Yeah, it is. It’s been launched on the Android platform, it’s easy to keep up with tour dates, it’s like a mini-website on the phone and it’s a free app as well.”

PR: You’re returning to Creamfields this year – what’s the best thing about the festival?

“Creamfields is amazing, it’s only half an hour from my home, all my friends will be going. The crowds at Creamfields never fail you.”

PR: The Fire It Up radio show is going really well, did you expect it to become such a success?

“It’s really snowballed, it’s signed to so many different countries now. It’s absolutely buzzing, it’s recently been added to the Sirius platform (satellite radio service, home to Howard Stern amongst others) in the US. It’s a lot easier to do than the BBC stuff, which was great, but I can put shows together now in a hotel room, on a plane, at home, it’s perfect ‘cos it works hand in hand with my work diary.”

PR: Something we’ve been asking of all out interviewees recently, what was your highlight of the 1990s?

“Well, I was a schoolboy, I can’t really remember. Er, Good A level and GCSE results?” (laughing)

PR: If you could do a special set with any DJ past or present, who would it be?

(Immediately) “Daft Punk. I’ve always looked up to them, Thomas Bangalater especially. They’ve just come back after being away for ages and they’ve always looked good as well. Another one would be Carl Cox, two years ago in the arena at Creamfields we were on the same bill, I was on after him, so we got to do a bit of a set together”

PR: Are you looking forward to playing Ibiza with man of the moment Michael Woods?

“Yeah, he’s bang on the money at the mo’, he’s a great musician. His track No Access is amazing.”

PR: Do you see any new trends breaking through on the dancefloor at the moment?

“To be honest, a lot of things were segregated in music, with the way the technology is nowadays, you can mash things up now that music is digital and swap from one thing to another. I’m an open book to whatever’s going on.

“With drum and bass, trance, a lot of dubstep, these genres have been blurred. You hear a lot of dubstep coming through in things, so long as it moves the dancefloor, you can nick the loops and mash it up.”

PR: OK, one final question then, would you ever consider remixing a Phil Collins track?

“That’s never crossed my mind!” (Laughing). “Maybe if the track and the beats really hit the nail on the head maybe, but I can’t see it really!”

PR: Good to talk to you Eddie, many thanks.


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