Clean Cut Kid interview. UK tour with The Courteeners, Liverpool hangouts and new single ‘Make Believe’

Posted on 1 December 2016
By Kenny Baker
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Liverpool’s very own Clean Cut Kid caught up with us after their tour with The Courteeners.

With tracks such as ‘Make Believe’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘We Used To Be In Love’ it’s clear to see why they are quickly becoming one of our favourite bands.

One thing we love about Clean Cut Kid is that they still keep Liverpool very close to their hearts, often seeing them roaming around on Bold Street or performing for local festivals.

We had a little chat with Ross, from the band.

PR: “Do you keep tabs on the Liverpool music scene/ favourite bands in Liverpool?”

Ross: “We have to keep tabs on the Liverpool music scene because people have suddenly started sending us their stuff and to be honest there’s so much good stuff there that we don’t know where to start!

“You can go to at least one gig every night of the week in Liverpool and hear some just waiting to be discovered.”

PR: “People say that it’s much more difficult to break out up north… what’s your opinion?”

Ross: “Every situation is different and there are plenty of bands that have broken from the north! Just don’t give up! “

PR: “There are loads of cool creative hangouts in Liverpool, do you have any favourites?”

Ross: “The Egg and Bold Street Coffee are 2 of our favourites that you will find people hot spotting the free wifi and nursing the same cup of water for 3hours on the run trying to complete an assignment or a plan for world domination.

“Saul has been known to set up outside the town hall on a bench to send a last minute email.”

PR: “Shows over summer… you did loads… what were the highlights?”

Ross: “We played 32 festivals over the summer which was ace!!! Playing Glastonbury was a massive highlight!!!! There was a sea of people pouring out of the tent.

“Also headlining the lake stage at latitude was a cool moment as latitude was our first ever festival the year before.”

PR: “Supporting the Courteeners on their UK tour, how has the whole experience been and what was it like playing at the echo arena?”

Ross: “Supporting the Courteeners has been incredible. They are an ace band and really nice down to earth guys who have made us feel proper welcome throughout the whole tour.

“They have a huge fan base so it has been awesome getting out on stage every night playing to them.

“Playing the Echo was amazing!!! We were pinching ourselves! Nothing like playing your hometown but to play a venue of that size was so cool!“

PR: “’Make Believe’ was featured on Radio 1 as the track of the day, when did you find out and what were your first thoughts?”

Ross: “We found out about the track of the day when we were in the van travelling to a gig which is how we spend a lot of our time at the moment… It was one of those moments where we were all hi-fiving like crazy and having a little bus party! Then we went to the services and had a snack.”

PR: “And lastly, ‘Make Believe’ has just come out on Vinyl! How can we get hold of it?”

Ross: “You can get all our songs on iTunes and Spotify which can be linked from Shazam if you hear us anywhere but just go to to get any of the physical vinyl copies and if you sign up to the mailing list you can find out in advance what’s going on, where we’re playing and when it’s all happening!”

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