Chase and Status: We embraced the 90s for our new album

Posted on 15 October 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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Chase and Status have revealed that the resurgence of 90s-inspired music suits them and their new album perfectly.

In an interview, the pair spoke about the mix of genres that have influenced their third album.

Saul Milton said: “We got back into that mind set of what inspired us to first make music – the whole album is 90s-centric.

“Not just rave, but also the Bristol trip hop sound and American East Coast hip hop influences.

“To make the third record we looked at our inspirations, thinking back to the first time we were at (London club) The End and the first time we saw (drum ’n’ bass DJ) Andy C.

“I was there head to toe in Moschino, shades, Gucci loafers, all that s***. I still wear Moschino now.”

His counterpart Will Kennard revealed that the new record has more “clubby stuff” than the more guitar-driven sounds of their previous release.

He said: “There’s that resurgence of 90s music at the moment. It suits us down to the ground, that theme is threaded through the album.”

Saul added: “In 1992 I was 11 but I was there nicking my sister’s tape packs.

“I think you’d have heard Count On Me at a Fantazia rave at 4am, off your face — now you hear it in the charts. We wanted to keep the beat rugged and rusty and not make it too EDM.”

Brand New Machine is out now.