Charlie Brown interview: On my way

Posted on 6 July 2013
By Jade-Elizabeth Masters
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For Charlie Brown, the road to chart success has been a long one. After the singer, songwriter and producer initially found success writing songs for Jay Sean and featuring on Wiley’s 2009 hit The Rain, he finally released his first solo single this year.

Charlie’s debut single On My Way entered the UK Singles Chart at number seven and we caught up with him ahead of his next single release.

You’ve just toured with Dappy and Craig David, how did those tours compare?

“They were both amazing. Dappy was brilliant because that was my first experience of touring so I’d never really had experience of singing every single night to big crowds, I’d only been playing small industry gigs trying to get a deal.

“Dappy’s tour was a massive learning curve for me. It was chaotic because his fans are crazy but they’re brilliant – it was just a really high energy tour to be on so I’m glad that was where I got started.

“The tour with Craig was a lot shorter, that was four UK dates of his world tour, Dappy was 18 days back-to-back, so it was a lot more chilled. I won’t talk too much about backstage crazy stories but Craig’s was a lot calmer!”

After working your way up in the industry for ten years, what do you think of reality TV shows that instantly project singers into the spotlight?

“They just started to kick in when I got my first publishing deal – I was singed to Simon Fuller who created Pop Idol I kind of come from there and Pop Idol was obviously very successful.

“I’m not mad at them – I know a lot of people have a negative stigma attached to them, and I do understand that, especially with first stages of the X Factor where it’s more about making people laugh than it is about music.

“That side of it I don’t like but some of the best acts have come out of those shows. I’m not mad at it because it’s a tough industry so anyone who’s doing well so whatever way you’ve got into it, you’ve earned that respect.”

“The Voice is a little bit better and more music-focused and Leah McFall has done so well – I’m so happy for her. For me, that’s what those shows should be about – giving people a chance who couldn’t get a look in before.

“I’ve known Leah and she was just a brilliant singer, always really considerate of her performances and just wasn’t breaking into the industry, she wasn’t getting that opportunity so that’s exactly what those shows should be for – giving people like her that platform and it’s just genuine raw talent, no gimmicks, she’s just brilliant and I think people have responded to that and really connected with her so hopefully she’s going to do well. ”

You must get asked about your name? Do you have any favorite cartoon characters or Superheroes?

“Charlie Brown and Snoopy are cool. I’m not massively into cartoons, even as I kid I don’t remember too many – Thundercats I used to love though. I went to see Man of Steel the other day and I forgot how into Superman I was as a kid.”

What new material are you working on?

“I have a new single out on July 21st called Floodgates and then I’m following that with an album in September.

“I wanted to make a really good soul-pop album and that was kind of my aim when I set out. I think On My Way and Floodgates have set me up to do that and I’m really happy with where it’s at – It’s called Dreamstate.”