Beija Flo calls in the clowns for surrealist new video for Waiting For the Sun

Posted on 5 July 2022
By Khyle Deen
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Beija Flo is back with a spectacular new video for her latest single “Waiting for the Sun”.

The new visuals directed by Sam O’Leary (notable for his work with hit BBC series ‘Inside No.9’ and supernatural videos for the likes of Witch Fever and Bleach Boy) are as surreal as they are sublime and bring a whole new dimension to Beija’s latest release.

Bearing witness to the day the laughter dies, the viewer is drawn into the back streets of Liverpool to the most unusual of murder scenes. Starring Beija herself, along with a cast of clowns and a sprinkling of psychedelic animation from the mind of Sam O’Leary, the results are a lysergic blend of tragedy and comedy that make for an engrossing watch. Speaking about the new video, its director Sam O’leary says:

“I’m so grateful that Beija doesn’t say no to silly ideas. Because silly doesn’t mean you’re not taking it seriously. I think we’ve walked the tightrope between drama and comedy well. The clowns were fantastic and INCREDIBLY patient as we were shooting this in one take over and over again until there was no more sunlight left. And as the whole video is in slow motion, we had to do everything in one go at twice the speed. I always love making music videos for Beija, and Waiting for the Sun is such a fantastic song to work from, especially in terms of getting to subvert expectations.”

The video offers a fitting companion to “Waiting for the Sun”, a track which fuses a Sharon van Etten-esque sense for drama with a climactic orchestral bombast born for the widescreen. Initially written shortly after Beija was diagnosed with MRKH syndrome and experienced heartbreak for the first time, it’s a track born from under the darkest of clouds. Having lived with Beija almost her entire adult life until its release this year, the song has taken on many meanings and guises for her as an artist, but that sense of raw emotion is as vivid and palpable now as it was when she first penned it. Opening-up about the release, Beija says:

“I suppose I find talking about Waiting For The Sun so difficult because it’s a medal. It’s a big medal I wear across my chest, day in, day out. It was born in the middle of a war, and is now a growing series of very precious battle scars. It’s hope…. It feels like such a milestone in my life to finally be releasing it.”

“Waiting For The Sun” is the second of a special trio of songs recorded at SPQR’s Yellowbird Studio and produced by Sam Baker, long-term collaborator and pal and it follows ‘Heads or Tails’ (released in 2021). Both tracks received airplay from BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and BBC Merseyside (Dave Monks) and a wave of media support. Each was also accompanied by a limited edition signed and numbered art print featuring the single artwork created by Beija Flo herself – available to purchase online now.

With significant recent appearances at the Focus Wales festival and a SOLD-OUT hometown show at the Futureyard in Birkenhead, a testament to her swelling fanbase of admirers Beija has also been invited to support an array of musical icons including the Princess Goes to The Butterfly Museum (the band of Michael C. Hall), the Tom Robinson Band, and even John Cale (later this year).

As word continues to spread like wildfire, Beija will now be offering musos a chance to catch her spellbinding live set at a stretch of UK & Irish solo dates this July. Confirmed dates and details (so far) are included below:


Tue 5th – Ruby Sessions, Doyles Bar, Dublin

Thu 7th – Oporto, Leeds

Fri 8th – DINA, Sheffield

Sat 9th – QUARRY, Liverpool

Wed 13th – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Tue 19th – Rough Trade, Nottingham

29-31st – Deer Shed Festival, North Yorkshire

Tickets on sale here

Impossible to pin down, Beija Flo’s sound is one that encompasses everything from open hearted balladry to acerbic punk. Tackling everything from love and relationships through to mental and sexual health. She is truly an artist for our times, juxtaposing her darkest moments against those of enduring hope. To witness Beija Flo live is an unforgettable experience. Songs, performance and costumes aside she provokes a conversation that many would shy away from. Beija Flo’s reality is weaved through music, poetry and the narrative she shares with an ever growing audience.

The Essex-native now calls Liverpool her home. Involved in lots of happenings in the burgeoning arts scene, she is a regular life-model, part of the Eggy Records (who released singles ‘Mary’ and ‘Nudes’) fold of exciting musicians, and a member of performing arts collective The Secret Circus. Spontaneous and with an undying lust for creative output, it’s impossible to say what she’ll turn her hand to next.

She has made a name for herself at independent music venues throughout the UK by rocking up with her laptop and leotard and demonstrating her deep ability to captivate audiences with this simple set up. Beija Flo’s live set has since evolved to incorporate a full band experience into what she can offer. Sometimes she can be found with a piano, sometimes just her poems, but she is always the centre of attention.

Beija Flo is a recent recipient of Help Musicians’ Do It Differently fund, which is enabling her to fund vital promotion of her next two singles.

All of Beija Flo’s music, along with a selection of poetry, merch and artwork, is available on her Bandcamp, with all the proceeds funding these current releases. She recently launched a fanclub, to share exclusive art prints, demos and more: