AyOwA unveil intriguing video for ‘Newcross’

Posted on 4 November 2016
By Khyle Deen
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The Danish duo AyOwA came out the gates running with wicked hit ‘Sommer’ earlier in 2016 which attracted frequent play across Europe on BBC Radio 1 (Huw Stephens), Radio X, Amazing Radio and Apple’s Beats 1 with heavy rotation on Danish P6Beat. Huffington Post (US), Noisey, Vice and other international sites have taken the band which mark the rare case where Danish language music crosses borders abroad.

Friends Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider turned their companionship for musical alchemy when they started creating electronic music together as a band AyOwA. The two spent a summer in Valby to experiment with modular synths and old tape machines, and began to make their dark and evocative electronic pop songs.

“On the first floor there is no home. It has not been long.” Take a little Underworld, mix it with a little Aphex Twin and sprinkle a bit Cocteau Twins on top and you land somewhere near AyOwA’s second single ‘Newcross’. Still sung in Danish, AyOwA travelled through the past of familiar streets in London’s New Cross while looking at the dark windows and abandoned apartments and wondering where everyone went.

Press Quotes
Huffington Post:
“When reflecting upon famous songs sung in foreign languages, Danish is not one that often comes to mind, at least for us Americans. Many musical artists from varying countries choose to sing in English because it is easier to breakthrough in the music industry and offers a more widespread appeal. However, electronic duo AyOwA chose to remain loyal to their Danish tongues, sharing the beauty of their words with the world”.

Let’s be real: Danish isn’t the most beautiful language. It has none of the sing-song melody and charm of other Scandinavian tongues, and people from opposite ends of this miniscule country need subtitles to understand each other. But when Hannah Schneider whispers sweet nothings in your ear to the smooth, reverbed chill of Nicolai Kornerup’s masterful production, it’s like settling into an evening of undisturbed self-molestation knowing that there’s enough Thai boxes in your freezer for you to never have to leave the house again. Yes, it’s that good.