Alex Hulme releases new single Little Lives (Video)

Posted on 28 January 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Alex Hulme takes a mature and skilful direction with his latest single, Little Lives. The man of mystery himself provides us with a unique insight into his deeper feelings of where his life is at right now.

With a darker edge to the lyrics of Little Lives, we hear Alex singing about confronting his fears with his head held high. When life presents you with tragedies, it can still be worth living if you face it head on. In reality, humans have very little lives in the grand scheme of things.

With Alex’s reflective song-writing style and a beautiful melody, Little Lives transcends the typical meandering structure of folk that we’re used to and provides the listener with a powerful yet touching chorus and a real message to live by.Folk singer, writer and loop maker, Alex Hulme has received plaudits from the Paul McCartney and Billy Ocean, with his work has receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Ultimate Guitar and the BBC.

Alex conquers the intricate layering of loops on a live stage that would put many to shame; his live show is intense and joyous to watch at every turn. With recent supports includingFrances and Lucy Rose Alex’s new release is set to turn heads.