Album Review: Inglorious

Posted on 22 February 2016
By Chris High
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The eponymous debut album from Inglorious is, to say the least, a glorious spectacle that encompasses and includes everything a Rock enthusiast would want and a whole lot more, with a depth and singularity that is – at times – astonishing.

From the opening near-Celtic vibe which leads powerfully into the opening track proper, Until I Die, vocalist Nathan Jones – who has sung with Scorpions’ Uli John Roth and multi-platinum rockers Trans-Siberian Orchestra – lays down a marker that is difficult to imagine he will ever surpass, yet does time and again.

Listen to the range he manages to cover during or the rich melodic tones he delivers on Girl Got A Gun and it becomes evident that here is a singer with more than one trick up his sleeve and more ability than many a vocalist out there today. High Flying Gypsy is quite simply a joy, whereas Masterpiece is as eponymous as the album’s title itself.

The lyrics are rich and thought provoking, beautifully balancing with the tone and ethos of the album entire, so that the listener can at once Rock Out and Chill Out in degrees.

Added to all this is the exemplary guitar work of Andreas Eriksson, the power and direction provided by Bassist Colin Parkinson and Drummer Phil Beaver which is held together superbly by the Rhythm Guitar supplied by Will Taylor so that what you have is the complete package: IE A Rock album to savour forever and a day.

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Caroline International S&D
Released: 19th February, 2016
PR Rating: ****