AKA George makes a bold return with thundering new EP and single

Posted on 23 February 2020
By Khyle Deen
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Known for his flamboyant electric performances and pulsating melodies, performer AKA GEORGE shares his debut EP ‘BAD FOR YOU’ set for release with NYC label Anti Fragile Music.

Based out of East London, George, a multi-instrumentalist straddles genre with a sensational blend of rich electric guitar riffs and robust vocals, while tracks such as ‘Up All Night’ flourishes with bubble-gum pop provoking memories of The 1975. A buzz artist for BBC Introducing, George is no stranger to the live circuit, having toured extensively across Europe, and selling out venues across London, and the UK. In 2018 he went on to headline the Silver Hayes Stage at Glastonbury at the request of the BBC.

Dropping out of school at an early age, George has always been opposed to following the rules, and instead, created his own unique path, something that is evident in his distinctive style he creates music. In result, he has accumulated an impressive list of credits such as collaborating with Grammy nominated producer Dan Lancaster for his first official release ‘Stone Cold Classic,’ which today, has 13 million streams on Spotify.

Earlier on in his career, George gained global attention for his genius YouTube cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get lucky.’ Surpassing 30 million views, and receiving recognition by the likes of labels, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell himself; the artist was flooded with opportunities. However, knowing that he and his material were not ready, Barnett took the risky but bold move by declining any deals, deleting past YouTube works, and started from scratch. In discussion the singer says: “I knew if I signed at such an early age, I would hit a wall further down the line. I wanted to take time to develop and evolve my own style.”

With his debut EP ‘BAD FOR YOU’ we see a change in musician. Upcoming cut ‘Up All Night’ is the polar opposite to a love song, despite its release falling on the day known to be popular for celebrating love. Instead the song describes the feeling of self-absorption into something so deep, despite not knowing who the other person is. While other tracks such as ‘Stone Cold Classic’ is a bold statement about daring to be awesome. Discussing the track, he says: “This is about the super turbo charged version of yourself and trying to live it to its fullest: talking yourself into being great. When I am at my most down on myself, that’s when I write songs like this. The one moment of self-awareness is in the breakdown where I sing, ‘If I repeat it, maybe I’ll believe it.’ Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.”

BAD FOR YOU EP will be released April 10th Upcoming single ‘Up All Night’ is available to stream now via Anti Fragile Music.

Stream Up All Night – https://soundcloud.com/akageorgex/up-all-night