Aeon Festival – video report

Posted on 11 September 2011
By Reuben Gaines
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Aeon Festival consisted of a highly danceable and varied line up, three days in beautiful Devon, local food, rustic stalls -with some zorbing thrown in- and a loving crowd of people… add all these together and you’re surrounded in a magical atmosphere.

When DJ Vadim took the main stage on Saturday night he gave the crowd a packed hour of P.H-PHAT tunes, consisting of tracks from his new project ‘The Electric’, surprises from his 17 year strong discography, and 2009’s ‘You Can’t Turn Imaginashun’, which ofcourse included his track ‘Soldier’ that sent the crowd in to a frenzy of sublime dance.

Also headlining the main stage were Backbeat Sound System making it insatiably hard not to bounce with their beat, Jazzsteppa serving up some hard dubstep and Running Numbers laying down fresh rhythms that your feet couldn’t help moving to.

One of these newly introduced bands go by the name of Spokes. Spokes are one of those bands that make music that could be an epic soundtrack to your life.

As the sun came out on Sunday afternoon, they let rip with an interesting mix of post rock/violin-guitar harmonies/Explosions In The Sky-esque sounds on the Gingerbread Stage for 35 minutes.

You felt that if you blinked or closed your ears for a second then you’d miss a crucial part of the song’s mechanics.

Check out the Aeon Festival 2011 line up in the credits of the video and you could find your new favourite band.