Zola Jesus to release debut album Stridulum II today

Posted on 23 August 2010
By Norman Parker
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Wisconsin’s Zola Jesus is about to release her debut record Stridulum II through Souterrain Transmissions today.

Described in this weekend’s Guardian Guide as “an imperious ice queen in the Siouxie/Diamanda mould” Zola Jesus is ready to shift the equilibrium towards gothic chic.

Stridulum II was originally pressed in the US as an EP but has been expanded with the addition of 3 more tracks, turning it into an LP for release exclusively in Europe.

Zola Jesus is sure to court controversy and her temptation to shock is evident on the ghoulish cover image of Stridulum II.

In homage to the final scene of one of her favourite films, Dušan Makavejev’s lurid sexploitation flick Sweet Movie, Danilova was photographed with a bucket load of chocolate syrup being poured over her head like a true provocateur.

Zola Jesus plays London CAMP Basement Wednesday Sept 1st. Check out Zola Jesus on her Myspace: