Wes Anderson tribute album features Fantastic Mr Fox and Rushmore

Posted on 21 November 2013
By James McAllister
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American Laundromat Records have announced plans to release an exclusive Wes Anderson tribute album in Spring 2014.

The album titled ‘I Saved Latin’ will celebrate the Rushmore director across two CDs, featuring songs from many of his films including The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr Fox and Royal Tenenbaums.

Known for his distinctive visual and narrative style, the American director is also fond of featuring fellow Texan Owen Wilson in his films since working together on his first film Bottle Rocket.

Due to release his new film The Grand Budapest Hotel next year, the story will focus on the adventures of a legendary concierge in a famous Budapest hotel between the world wars.

Expect to see a star studded cast including some very cool names like Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray and king of hipsters Jason Schwartzman.

It only seemed right that American Laundromat Records drafted in some equally cool indie artists to pay tribute to the director.

Featuring artists like William Fitzsimmons, The Ghost in You and Elk City, they will tackle songs that have featured in many of Anderson’s movies, the album showcases some great tracks like The Wind, Oh Yoko! and Here Comes My Baby.

Fans will be able to choose from a variety of packages when ordering the album that range from a CD and badges to CDs, decals, vinyls, T Shirts and Beanies.

Prices range from £8.70 for the basic package through to £37.29 for the deluxe package, which includes exclusive early access.

Preorders are available now online.