Warpaint New 2014 self-titled album review

Posted on 27 January 2014
By Phil Graham
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With the new self-titled album produced and mixed by Flood and Nigel Godrich at Rough Trade Records, Warpaint have shown a bit of a shift in stylistic approach.

Excitement about the new album was sparked amongst fans after the album’s first official single ‘Love is to Die’ was used on an advertisement for Calvin Klein back in September. As their previous studio album The Fool (2010) was a more guitar based, strongly acoustic affair, the new self-titled work is more based around keys, electronic sampling and programmed drums.

The new album does promise the usual mixture of a trip-hop influenced backdrop, cutting edge vocal harmonies and tastefully graphic lyrics with a hint of The Coctaeu Twins, First Aid Kit or Imogen Heap.

The band has recently released a short visual documentary called ‘Love is to Die’ which was produced by album artwork creator Chris.

Depicting some of the production techniques used by the band during the writing and recording process, it’s well worth checking out for fans who are more fascinated with the technical side of things.

Warpaint is clearly the product of a group who enjoy to writing a great deal of their through experimentation and as they put it “on-stage jamming”.

Warpaint (2014) really looks to cut through the acoustic scene and land a little closer to the forefront with a completely new sound influenced by Rap and R&B in its subtle ambiance.
The album is a real treat for fans of easy listening psychedelic rock and Trip-hop.

Warpaint is released on January 17.