Violent Soho – Son Of Sam: Video Of The Day

Posted on 10 June 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Continuing on with Purple Revolver’s current delight at the nouveau grunge trend, we were stoked as hell to be pointed in the direction of Brisbane based Violent Soho.

The band received the biggest high five accolade a riff-roaring scuzz troupe can get from master of scuzz genius Thurston Moore, who signed the band to his Ecstatic Peace! label in 2009 – and if Thurston Moore is getting his aural cavities in a tizzy over a particular sound, then rest assured you know it must be pretty special.

With single Son Of Sam, Violent Soho have gone down the supremo 90’s regressed route, churning out a power riff and a half, a belting infectious chorus, and tearing it to pieces with some feral, skin bleeding screams.

Supported by a lo-fi, brooding and colour bled video which looks like the sort of thing Beavis and Butthead would have sniggered and quibbled their way through back when MTV could be arsed showcasing actual quality music videos, we salute everything about this.

More please. Keep it coming.

Violent Soho Myspace: