Video of the Day: Grandma Reads Snoop Dogg, Kanye West & Snooki’s Tweets

Posted on 22 March 2012
By Martin Higgins
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A sweet old granny has become a Ghetto icon and YouTube sensation, simply by reading out some of Snoop Dogg’s X-rated Tweets from the comfort of her favourite arm chair.

This street talking grandma is more ghetto than Fat Joe, with a bottle of gin and some juice on the table, what looks like some weed plants casually growing on the mantle piece behind her, and a pick in her grey ’fro.

A Rottweiler lays on the carpet, while some soul food steams in the oven. It’s like a scene from Snoops first hit video, What’s My Name.

But this Tweet reading pensioner does not limit her talents to the West Coast legend Snoop alone, oh no, she has also interpreted the words and Twitter rants of 50 Cent, Kanye West and Snooki from Jersey Shore.

“Grandma reads” is a series produced by YouTube channel, Boo Ya Pictures, and the unnamed oldie recites the verse while her husband potters about in the background somewhere, shouting obscenities.

Most of Grandma’s preferred Tweets centre around Snoop’s enfatuation with smoking blunts, but others just go over the language that Snoop fizzle made famous, such as: “Yabba dabba doo baby baba!”. Church.

Check out the video in the side bar and see for yourself what all the hype is about, and why she has received over 1 million YouTube views to date. Check out her other works on that very same video site.

Words by Martin Higgins,