“Uptown Funk” set to be 2015’s “Happy”

Posted on 17 December 2014
By Faye Smith
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Mark Ronson has outdone himself with this one, with the help of Phil Lawrence and a certain Mr Mars.

His latest tune is set to be the new “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, meaning that by panto season next year, “Uptown Funk” will be the song that every single cast member will be singing and dancing to.

It will also likely be played at every single 18th party, staff night out, plus on the radio a total of 24/7.

Not that we’re complaining. Yet.

Right now, “Uptown Funk” is hot with a catchy tune mixed with something that people of all ages can actually dance to.

This one’s not just for the twerking young’uns – if it is at all – but for the groovy granddads at your next family party, that embarrassing co-worker always in the middle of the empty dance floor and on a night out with all your mates.

Why is it set to be the new “Happy” then?

Let’s break it down into important terms for the 21st century.

The statistics

The YouTube video which was uploaded three weeks ago has already had a whopping 32.9 million views. The number of Spotify plays it has had in the UK is 1,363,349, putting it at number 2 on Spotify’s Top 50. Mark Ronson’s latest chart topper is also likely to be pushing sales of over 480,000.

If those three figures alone are not enough to make the funky tune the soundtrack to 2015, then what will suffice?

The cover

Thousands tuned in to see Fleur East’s cover of “Uptown Funk” in the X Factor semi-final. She was in glittering gold and put an extra sparkle and shimmy on Ronson’s song. A female touch shall we say. Fleur’s cover sent the original sky rocketing back to the top of the charts where it has stayed since.

The charts

It’s already Number One in the UK and Ireland, number two in Australia, number three in France and number four in Canada.

The supermodel’s Thanksgiving video

You know who I’m talking about. Don’t you?

No? It’s only the sensation who gave us the thick brows, crazy faces, onesie fandom and a new fashion

Miss Cara Delevingne.

She posted a couple of hilarious-laugh-out-loud-funny homemade videos starring A Listers Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell and herself among friends with “Uptown Funk” as the dance track.

These seconds’ long videos are of a dance that includes a red cuddly toy and some strange facial expressions, which surprisingly coincide with the beat well.

That is a winning reason that “Uptown Funk” will be the soundtrack to your 2015. Influential Cara has already made it a soundtrack.

The tune

It sounds like it shouldn’t be something from this decade – more like something from the 80s. Think classic funk, rap and soul, channelling the likes of Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sugarhill Gang and Cameo.

Ronson describes it as “a full-on combustible groove workout with elastic bass and indomitable spirit.”

The video

What’s a soundtrack of the year without a top video to match it? And watch continuously on YouTube for the next 12 months.

One word for it is colourful. Another is funky. Obviously. Another is comedic.

Here we have Bruno Mars and his cronies grooving around a street – New York perhaps? Or LA? – in the brightest pink jacket ever. Add a pair of not-so-modern sunglasses and a white fedora hat to the mix, and you have a little bit of an MJ-look-a-like.

The dancing adds to a Jackson feel too. Those shiny black shoes sliding with ease across the street is a bit like a flash back to “Beat It”.

Insert Mark Ronson in sunglasses adding the occasional “huh” to the mix and you’ve got quite a funny anecdote throughout the four and a half minutes of video.

We should mention the rollers in Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s hair too. If you don’t watch the video for any other reason, it’s for that ten seconds of comedy.