Uffie on girls in dance music

Posted on 31 August 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Electronic upstart Uffie has declared that its harder to break into dance music if your a female and Creamfields and also reckons it helps if you are a Tomboy.

Dance music has always been a male dominated world and men dominated the bill at the UK’s biggest electronic festival, with only a few artists like Annie Mac and Lisa Lashes flying the flag for the girls.

Uffie who appeared in the Chibuku tent said: “I think it has been hard for women in general to make a career in this industry, but it is true that more girls are slowly coming through.”

“I have always been quite fortunate because I hve alwas been a tomboy from when I was a kid, so all the guys treat me like one of their own anyway.”

Image conscious Uffie has also stated that appearance and fashion is very important to her live show and she says she has great respect for Lady Gaga’s dedication to looking good.

“I don’t really like Lady Gaga’s music, it’s not really my scene. But you have to admire anyone who has the patience to spend that much time on making themselves look good.”