Top Five: Songs to cope with the morning after

Posted on 11 June 2010
By Jonny Davis
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Top five Songs To Dark Out To The Morning After:

Hungover? Don’t plan on conversing with anybody on a reasonable human level? This is your soundtrack. It won’t help the hangover but may accurately reflect your mood. Grim.

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis

A mellow and unobtrusive tapestry of darkness to ease your ears into the day. The constant volume changes will evoke the confusion of last night whilst Richard D. James’ swathing synths and underwater basslines will wash over you and be the closest thing you’ll have to a shower all day.

The Field – Mobilia

Like the sunrise, Mobilia will remove the early morning haze (gradually, mind) and usher in a new perspective on the day. The off-kilter pulse locks in with the string stabs to build into a throbbing, hypnotic trance which acts as an aural pillow for your club-battered head.

Liars – The Wrong Coat For You Mt. Heart Attack

You feel it’s time to hear a human voice. An interaction, however one-sided. Where better to start than with Angus Andrews’ baritone drawl. There is however, a trade-off. With his soothing tones comes Aaron Hemphills’ haunted guitars which take you back to square one. Confused.

Grizzly Bear – Foreground

Time for some pleasant sounds. However downbeat Foreground usually seems, after Liars droning repetition Grizzly Bear will be a welcome splash of harmonic lushness. Positively soothing.

Interpol – Narc (Paul Banks Remix)

And to finish, the prince of metropolitan malaise, Paul Banks. This stripped down, reverb drenched version of Narc will be the perfect companion to the final stages of your grim comedown (grimdown if you will). Absorb, dark out, and for want of a better word…enjoy.