Summer-time Mix-tape Monday: Princess Superstar

Posted on 27 August 2012
By Princess Superstar
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Potty-mouth singer-songwriter female MC Princess Superstar selects her perfect Summer-time mix for Purple Revolver’s Mix-tape Monday.

In between creating dope mix-tapes for Purple Revolver New York-based Princess is working on releasing her new album The New Evolution.

1. Azealia Banks EP
“Personally I think she is totally arrogant and needs to get over herself. Musically she is awesome. Perfect to run to, her flow is unbelievable on 212 and Liquorice has that old skool rave vibe I love.”

2. Digitalism – DJ Kicks
“They are seriously one of the best electronic artists ever. They never let me down where some artists in this genre are spotty. Again most things perfect for running – total rock frenzy action wrapped up in a dance beat.”

3. Various (Ms. Foundation for Women) – Free to be You and Me
“This is a record from the 1970’s that I used to love as a kid. Now I listen and dance to it with my baby. It’s got Diana Ross, Shel Silverstein, Marlo Thomas and more. A Hippy/feminist vibe and just totally sweet. The track Sisters and Brothers and the title track Free To Be are just great songs too. Sure beats Yo Gabba.”

4. Suggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23
“One of my most favorite songs of all time. This is just pure joy sunshiney magic and rainbows. Summer encapsulated in a song.”

5. Santigold – Shove It
“She has a great new powerful video for The Keepers but musically I prefer old skool Santi like Shove it and her work with Spank Rock. She is fantastic!”