Suicidal Tendencies announce first ever DVD release

Posted on 16 February 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Don’t know about you, but Purple Revolver’s teenage years were mostly spent thrashing oneself about to Institutionalised by Suicidal Tendencies (on firm repeat, might I add), and instant messaging like-minded misunderstood spirits about how it’s so unfair that mum and dad won’t let us chug down a bottle of white label vodka at the weekend with our mates.

So we were TOTALLY STOKED when we were heard that Suicidal Tendencies were to finally release a DVD – Live At The Olympic Auditorium – 80 minutes and 16 tracks worth of pure blissfully nostalgic live thrash classics from the CA legends. Amazing, right?

Frontman Mike Muir explains: “The band started getting emails from some crazy guy that always said, ‘I know you’ll probably think that I’m crazy but I wanna book ST for a show and I got this idea…’, Well, one by one we shot down the unique ideas until one time he emailed and said the Olympic Auditorium was being bought by a Korean Church, shouldn’t it be sent off with a special last gig? The band agreed and then the work began. Suicidal performed live at the Olympic Auditorium in front of 4,000 Cycos…but now you can enjoy it in the safety of your living room.”

So gather your mates round, dust off that bottle of white label vodka, tell your parents to piss off and get ready to tear it up in the comfort of your own humble abode. It’s thrash-a-long time.

Live At The Olympic Auditorium is released March 29th via Suicidal Records.

Want to crank up the thrash factor even more? Suicidal Tendencies also have a new album due September 2010 and will be headlining Hammerfest 2 at Pontins, Prestatyn on March 13th. Go wild.

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