Sound Of Guns breakwater to get back to Liverpool Sound City

Posted on 18 May 2011
By Richard Lewis
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Liverpool rockers Sound of Guns play their first gig in the city this year in the opulent surroundings of St. Georges Hall with a headline set for Sound City.

The quintet have been through an amazing 12 months since their last Sound City engagement and
Purple Revolver caught up with lead singer Andy before this Saturday’s gig.

Speaking on tour he told us: “Sound City means a lot to us, we’ve been kind of saving it for this gig.

“We got our first little taste of it when we supported The Zutons there two years ago, so for us to go back and headline is really special.”

Do the band feel any pressure before doing such a high-profile gig? “Not so much pressure” Andy said. “The one thing we do feel is we want it to be special for everyone including ourselves. We’re been rehearsing loads between recording.”

The band are currently in the studio with acclaimed producer Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild) working on their second album. The group’s schedule this year has seen them working virtually non-stop since the New Year.

“We did a five week tour with The View, as soon as we finished we came down to the studio and started recording the next day and that was three weeks ago” Andy explains. “The day we finish in the studio we go back out on tour again. It’s good though, we’re enjoying it, we’re not complaining.”

In addition to band anthems ‘Architects’, ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Elementary of Youth’, the set will include newly minted tracks. “We’re definitely gonna do new material, yeah. Probably four new ones, we’re looking forward to people hearing them.”

The band are also performing a low-key afternoon acoustic set at St. Lukes’ (the Bombed Out Church) on the same day, continuing Sound City’s fashion for under the radar gigs.

Post Sound City the band are heading out on to the festival circuit, “We’re looking forward to a couple of days off, then we’ve got RockNess and Wickerman coming up. There’s a few more festivals penciled in too.”

Sound of Guns headline St. George’s Hall on Saturday 21st May

Photos by Craig Sugden