Sophie Ellis Bextor Exclusive Interview

Posted on 3 November 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Purple Revolver spoke to Sophie Ellis Bextor ahead of her headline UK tour today and discussed everything from supporting the Pet Shops Boys, to portable periscopes and the festive period. She even had time to champion the humble British sprout.

Purple Revolver: Hi Sophie, how are you today?
Sophie: Very good thanks, you?

Purple Revolver: Not too bad at all. You have recently been on tour with the Pet Shop Boys, what was that like?
Sophie: It was great, really lovely. I have been a fan of theirs since I was little, so it was a real privilege to be asked to go on the road with them. I loved every minute of it.

Purple Revolver: Were there any practical jokes on tour or was it a relatively sedate affair?
Sophie: No not really, I have never really been any good at pranks. The only one I can remember is years ago now, and it is quite boring so forgive me. On one of my first tours, our drummer was reading a book intensely and when he was on the last page, we wrestled it off him and hid it. A couple days later, we ripped out the last page of the book and stuck it to his drum, but it turned out it was not the right book we had taken the page from and so it had no relevance. I think he was a bit perplexed by the whole situation.

Purple Revolver: So you have never done any April fooling in your time?
Sophie: No I don’t think so, I might have to change that (laughs). I remember once when I was younger, I took my mums diary and tried to mimic her handwriting, but what I was writing was all nonsense. I think that caused some confusion at the time.

Purple Revolver: You have worked with a number of artists on the new album, from Calvin Harris to Metronomy. What can we expect from the new project?
Sophie: It is a really dancey record, but also has a lot of electro elements. I just wanted it to be an unashamedly dance floor focused record, so that when people hear it they want to get up and move.

Purple Revolver: Going off on a tangent here, it was Back to the Future’s 25th anniversary recently, you a fan of the film?
Sophie: Yeah I love it, how old must I have been when it came out? Six I think- so yeah, I am definitely from the Back to the Future generation.

Purple Revolver: If you could make a time capsule set for 100 years in the future, what would you put in it to embody this age we live in today?
Sophie: I think I would just buy loads of crap on Ebay and stuff it full of that. All I can think of is food related, but I am not sure the people of the future would want our leftovers. Haribo will get a space in there undoubtedly.

Purple Revolver: Tangfastics?
Sophie: Yeah they are the best ones, along with the cola bottles. I would also probably put a lot of toys in. I think children’s toys really evoke the age they belong to, like Steiff bears and model-rail ways. My son is really into his Transformer figures at the minute, so I might also put some of them in. And a picture of Simon Cowell.

Purple Revolver: Now I am going to pose a question to you, a problem of sorts, and I would like your creative input to find a solution. At gigs, people of a smaller stature often can’t see the stage as they are surrounded by giants, 6 foot plus brutes who obscure everyone’s view with their enormous heads. How would you solve this problem?
Sophie: Well I think the logical thing to do would be to organise the crowd in order of their height, smallest at the front and all the brutes at the back. But that might be a logistical nightmare. You could also buddy up with someone of the same height I suppose.

Purple Revolver: What about a periscope?
Sophie: (laughs) That could be cute, a little portable periscope you could carry around with you. I am sure I have heard people on the radio discussing this problem recently.

Purple Revolver: You mean my periscope idea has been conceived already? I am ruined.
Sophie: No they were just talking about the problem. I think you could be onto something though, I will back you all the way.

Purple Revolver: The paperwork is in the post.
Sophie: Excellent.

Purple Revolver: So Christmas is on the horizon, who is going to be donning the pinafore in your household?
Sophie: Oh me definitely, I love cooking Christmas dinner. We are going to have lots of our friends and family over for a big party, I can’t wait.

Purple Revolver: Would you classify yourself as a good cook?
Sophie: Well I am OK, I wouldn’t say I am going to win any culinary awards but I think a roast is dummy proof, as long as you get the meat and potatoes right you are in business.

Purple Revolver: Will the much maligned sprout be making an appearance on your Christmas plate?
Sophie: I love sprouts, I eat them regardless of the time of year so they will be in there somewhere.

Purple Revolver: Will there be any fights over who puts the star on the tree in your household?
Sophie: I doubt it, it is all very democratic and we share the decorating responsibilities. The problem that I am facing now is when to start decorating, people are putting their lights up earlier and earlier, some Novermber time- which it is now. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

Purple Revolver: Time flies when your having fun.
Sophie: It does.

Purple Revolver: So you have just announced details for your upcoming tour, looking forward to it?
Sophie: Yeah, it will be the first time I have done a headlining tour for such a long time so I am really excited. I just want to make it look great and for the fans to have a really good time. It will be a real spectacle I can promise that.

Purple Revolver: Well that should wrap it up Sophie, thanks a lot for that.
Sophie: No problem at all.

Tour dates read as follows:

Sunday 12th December – Concorde 2, Brighton
Monday 13th December – O2 Academy Islington
Thursday 16th December – The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
Friday 17th December – Academy 2, Manchester
Saturday 18th December – O2 Academy2 Birmingham
Sunday 19th December – O2 Academy2 Oxford

For more information on Sophie Ellis Bextor’s tour visit her official site here: