Soft Cat post link to single from new album Wild Space

Posted on 15 July 2010
By Norman Parker
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Baltimore’s Soft Cat are set to release their debut record Wild Space with Friends Records.

Raised in Texas, Soft Cat’s Neil Sanzgiri combines as many people and resources as he can together to create a unique blend of influences and arrangements ranging from folk pop to classical baroque interpretations on the singer/songwriter genre.

Starting as a class project, Soft Cat developed into a project featuring various Baltimore musicians from acts like Small Sur and Weekends. The songs lie somewhere between Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks and The Microphone’s The Glow Pt. 2.

Wild Space is Soft Cat’s first album released through Friends Records. The ideas in this album are a collection of themes surrounding wild and urban spaces, which grow out to a symphonic conclusion.

As Neil explains it, “Any concentration of wilderness, growth, or life contained in a surviving ecosystem located in an urban setting is known as Wild Space. It is a non-domesticated area existing and dwelling as arcane emptiness. Wild Space creates fear from the unknown yet gives context to conformability. Organisms grow and cultivate while going unnoticed. Wild Space serves as the in between spaces in our lives.”

The band have posted a ling to new single Blackbird here:

Check out the band’s Myspace: