Snoop Dogg releases True Blood inspired tune

Posted on 18 June 2010
By Alabama Roxanne
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Well, suffice to say we didn’t see this coming.

With a song titled simply ‘Oh Sookie’, the legendary hip-hop superstar has released an ode to Bon Temps favourite fang banger Sookie Stackhouse.

The frankly outstanding tune comes replete with a video sporting booty popping Merlotte uniformed waitresses and clips of Bill ‘not nearly as good as Eric or Snoop’ Compton burning up into flames.

A clever marketing campaign on behalf of HBO and the True Blood team, it may be, but god damn – we haven’t witnessed a hip-hop tribute to a trashy horror genre this bafflingly awesome since Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince came out with Nightmare On My Street.

Song of the week? Hell. Yes.

Turn it up, chiefs.