Sivu releases debut Something On High

Posted on 14 October 2014
By Faye Smith
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Sivu’s debut album “Something on High” was released yesterday.

The bulk of “Something On High” was written through a stage of transition for the 24-year-old James Page. He left his cosy idyllic town of St Ives and travelled to London where he created the album in a stuffy Kennington ex-council flat amidst various dead end jobs in Topman storeroom and call centres.

Page’s best mate was the one to convince him to move to London. Adam Powell became Page’s video director and collaborator. He directed music bombshell “Better Than Me”. Shot in an MRI machine live at St Barts Hospital, the short music film featured Page singing live within the scanner.

The outcome of the video went viral, leading to deals with Atlantic Records and M.I.A among others who named it their video of the year.

Whilst searching for a music alias, James Page found a Finnish translation for his surname: Sivu. It is a fitting snapshot of the conflicted and lyrically direct mirror-image that would soon become his stage name. The transition was nearly complete: Page had a new sense of self through alter ego, Sivu.

“Something On High” took eighteen months to record with Alt J Charlie Andrew as producer.

The album has a versatile mix of pop melodrama, escapism, and an extra dose of grit. Soothing is a word that comes to mind with regards to the music, although the lyrics tell a different story. Self-loathing and religious anecdotes are features that don’t let the listener forget James Page’s story easily.

“Can’t Stop Now” and “Feel Something” seem to be the only two with a more upbeat tempo, although not by much. These songs are accompanied by stronger drum beats and more plucking of guitar strings.

The long drags of violin strings are prominently featured on “Rumination” which spirals into a pit of darkness, which is refreshingly honest for an indie pop artist.

Every song on the 11-track album drips with emotion, be it self-loathing, loneliness or self-doubt.

With praise from The Sunday Times, NME and Q, this album is a piece of art that is not like any other hitting the shelves this month.

To round up Sivu’s year, he will be on tour with Nick Mulvey throughout October and Bombay Bicycle in December.

Tonight he headlines at Oslo in London.

For more information about his debut album and upcoming tours with Nick Mulvey and Bombay Bicycle, visit

“Something On High” is out now, available on iTunes.

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