Singing lessons with Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely

Posted on 5 June 2012
By Jo Ching
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Alexandra Burke’s mum Melissa Bell met Stevie Wonder when she was singing in 90s soul and R&B band Soul II Soul and told him about her talented daughter.

The X Factor star said she was stunned when the Motown legend called to give her an impromptu singing lesson.

Alexandra said: “One day when I was 12 he rang the house and asked for my mother. Who’s this? I said. ‘Mr Wonder’ Is this some kind of joke? I said that if it was really him, he had to sing. So he sang Isn’t She Lovely down the phone to me, and then I sang it back to him.”

The Elephant singer said: “He wanted to sign me to Motown Records but my mum said I was too young, and she was right.”

The prodigal Michael Jackson began his singing career alongside his brothers at the age of five in Motown’s super-group The Jackson 5.