Samuel L Cool J set to become a summer favourite

Posted on 5 June 2014
By Katherine Corrigan
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After taking out Bernardo and Tony in a deadly knife rumble, Haendel Balzora and Joel Marquard were thrust into leadership positions in their respective posses

The duo were part of rival gangs and with decades of gang-related crimes committed toward one another a collaboration seems unimaginable. .

Officer Krupke, along with a city judge eventually sentenced the two leaders to two months of agonizing community service.

What was created through their punishment were ideas of freedom and peace, before long they were on a mission to free the world of hatred and anger, through the power of music.

By writing and performing music,, the two alphas will soon be setting the club scene alight with their new song, Killing Me. With hip-shaking beats their songs are destined to get people up on their feet.

Although affiliated with rival gangs with a deep set hostility towards one another, with their even deeper rooted friendship they were able to establish during community service, they have created a powerful song writing team.

With the help of several fellow crew members, the duo were able to form a band that could pack a punch that no chains or brass knuckles could ever compare!

Through hostility and violence, a passionate flair of talent has been released. They show that there can be a light to unmask the darkness of hostility and Samuel L Cool J has arrived to set the music scene on fire.

Check out their fantastic tunes here!: