Rumer releases second album “Into Colour”

Posted on 13 October 2014
By Faye Smith
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Tomorrow night, she’ll be performing on Later… with Jools Holland, singing album highlight “Reach Out”. On November 3, she’ll be at Lowry Quays Theatre in Salford, Manchester for one of her exclusive album launch shows. Three days later, she’ll be at Islington Assembly Hall in London for the other.

This she is Rumer, who – on social media – describes herself as a dreamer and highly sociable.

Next month is the first time in two years that Rumer will be headlining her own shows. No wonder both shows sold out within the morning of ticket release.

It has been nearly four years since the release of Rumer’s debut album “Seasons of My Soul” which sold over a million copies. This release led Rumer to top three of the chart and saw her sing at an incredibly special performance: in front of President Obama at The White House.

Rumer’s second album is called “Into Colour” which is full of original material that illustrates her personal journey from a variety of service jobs and a decade on the unsigned circuit to one of the more surprising crossovers in recent times.

She flew the nest of her hometown Herne Hill to the musical mecca of Laurel Canyon. There, she rented a trailer full of her lovable but unconventional family of four and a few pets to match; two pot-bellied pigs, a cat, a dog and a snake.

Rumer connected with Rob Shirakbari who became her producer, collaborator and eventually, fiancé.

“Into Colour” is a little different from the emotional and tense debut. It’s more upbeat and sensual, incorporating elements of Philly grooves, Soul, and even Disco as seen through the album’s first single “Dangerous”.

“Dangerous” is actually about the solo artist’s fear of re-entering music again. She says of the feeling, “I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to break through it until I literally wrote a song about the resistance itself.”

Of her second album, Rumer says “When I imagined “Into Colour”, I didn’t know what it was, but it felt like a hopeful place to walk towards. In this record you can hear me picking through the debris, and going through each emotion.”

Ultimately, this record is a journey from the lonely, lost Rumer to the Rumer who has found herself.

Well if Sir Elton John and Richard Carpenter are fans, who are we to challenge it?

The new music videos are on YouTube for “Dangerous” and “Reach Out”.

“Into Colour” will be released November 10. Pre-order now to not be disappointed.

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