Rizzle Kicks have Nando’s Black Cards revoked after pals abuse privilege

Posted on 5 September 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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Rizzle Kicks boys Jordan and Harley have had their Nando’s Black Cards taken away after a mishap involving the pair’s friends.

Possibly the most sought-after possession in the restaurant world, a Nandos Black Card was first introduced when Nandos became a celeb favourite, and it entitles the owner unlimited free Nandos for themselves and up to five friends.

Having fronted campaigns for the restaurant, Rizzle Kicks were awarded a Black Card but after loaning their cards to pals who abused the free chicken card, they have now been revoked.

Jordyn said: “We gave them to our mates and they were really rude to the staff. Sorry, Nando’s.”

With much mystery surrounding the existence of the cards, we found out what celebs are rumoured to have bagged themselves a Black Card after publicly declaring their love for chicken.

David Beckham, Ricky Gervais, Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, Ed Sheeran and JLS are all thought to have got their hands on the free chicken passport.