Record Store Day roundup: Jumbo Records and Crash Records Leeds

Posted on 21 April 2012
By Cat Marr
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Record Store Day arrived with a bang in Leeds, at 11am the queues for Jumbo Records were weaving around the top of the shopping centre and out the front door with many bleary eyed individuals in line since 5am.

The day was an overall success, but there were grumbles from some punters, who had been stuck behind people purchasing over a £1000-worth of records and finding that their desired vinyl had been snapped up.

If there was a poster child for Record Store Day, it would be the rosy-cheeked Jumbo.

Beyond the commotion and queuing, it’s the little details that set it apart from the rest, the knowledgeable staff on hand, the oodles of material and the handwritten recommendations on the records and CDs, each feature is so genuine and not an ounce of it was contrived.

The queues seemed to go on forever, but the bands were a great deal of comfort to the devoted fans.

Starting with a local Leeds band Just Handshakes (We’re British), with a stripped down acoustic set. “it was really good and people were really nice”, they reiterated their love of Jumbo,” We’re really lucky to have somewhere like Jumbo, who support local music”.

Following them were the smooth Various Cruelties, fronted by Leeds lad Liam O’Donnell, they captivated the audience and treated them to new songs, 14-year-old Mark Fielding, queued up for a selection of records, ” I was listening to The Various Cruelties, who I’d never heard before, they were great so I went and bought their vinyl as well!”

Other bands playing were To Kill a King, Dodgy, Still Corners and Staves. Camilla from the Staves feels the day is educational.

She said: “it was really good, lots of people came to watch us. Record Store Day is great, people now grow up thinking that iTunes is the only way to listen to music and it just isn’t”.

Store owner Hunter, was taken aback by the queues, “it was quite frightening to be honest with you. It’s been really good actually, far, far more people have turned up for the limited editions, then I ever dreamt would do.

“Unfortunately lots of the good selling ones like Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie have gone now, and we’ve had to disappoint people.”

He added that customer service is a big plus point for Record Store Day: “It puts the spotlight on independent stores, who are here all year, not just here for this day to provide a service and recommend things for people.”

“The chain stores, the supermarkets and mail order cannot offer this. We have human beings behind the counter, so you give a personal service that way. It’s nice to look people in the eye and just talk to them”.

Sean, 43, who bought Noel Gallagher and Miles Kane said the event goes from strength to strength: “The day has been brilliant, two years ago when I turned up I was fourth or fifth in the queue, and today there were 60 people in front of me.”

BBC West Yorkshire introducing DJ Alan Raw is also an advocate of the event: “I really enjoyed it, it’s been superb. There are people of all ages here and it’s sort of a family thing.

“It’s like being at a mini festival, it’s got that atmosphere where bands start to play on a Saturday, just relaxed, I love that.”

He was pipped to the post by some bands – adding: “I really wanted to buy Sam Airey, but Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles, who were all in front of me bought it and by the time I got up there it was sold out.”

The Jumbo Records team didn’t get the chance to come up for air – let alone a ciggie break and with it being the busiest day of the year for them, they didn’t appear surprised.

The best part of the day was seeing fans unveiling their precious black wax, pulling it out of its sleeve and smiling – a veritable vinyl Christmas.