Record Store Day 2017 – list of Liverpool vinyl dens to check out

Posted on 19 April 2017
By Kyle Lewis
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Record Store Day is almost upon us giving true music fanatics the opportunity to celebrate and support their favourite record stores and burgeoning music scenes in their cities.

If you’re looking for interesting records to increase and bring diversity to your vinyl collection, then April 22nd is the date you want to keep free.

With exclusive record releases from The Smiths, The Beatles and Laura Marling, and with live performances from rising talents in your local vinyl den, the day is definitely going to be one filled with high spirits.

To help you get the best hit for your vinyl fix, we’re taking you on a virtual tour of some of the best places in Liverpool to pick up the goodies on offer.

The Jacaranda

Shoppers on Record Store Day are promised a day to remember at Jacaranda Records, as they host DJ sets from The Mellowtones and The Positive Vibrations in the main bar, along side Jacaranda Records DJs playing exclusive RSD releases to help you know what interesting stuff to look for.

So if you’re thinking of heading down to Jacaranda Records for RSD, be sure to grab your mates and grab a drink, and be ready to join in with the fun.

Record shop assistant Mina Koroma assures that they are ‘going the extra mile, putting on events over the whole day across three floors’, including live performances from local bands who are releasing material exclusively for Record Store Day.

3B Records

Whether your music taste lies in obscurity or classics or somewhere in between, you’re always likely to find something good in 3B. Paying them a visit on RSD can lead you to pick up some interesting releases.

Co-owner and DJ, Jemmy ( hopes for another successful RSD with them ‘stocking large units of most of the long list of exclusive RSD titles’.

Saying that ‘there may be some instore appearances and performances from special guests that aren’t yet announced’ is an indication that a RSD at 3 Beats is a day of spontaneous fun and surprises for all vinyl lovers.

81 Renshaw Street

January witnessed 81 Renshaw open its doors as the new kid on the block and it’s quickly flourished to become a cool unique store, with vibrant and friendly staff.

Preparing for their first RSD, manager Neil Tilley is making full use 81’s café and bar space, with ‘live acts performing in their own venue, as well as opening the bar from midday’.

The exclusives don’t just end with RSD releases as there will be ‘special deals, price reductions, and other vintage items’ to rummage through.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, be sure to pop into 81 Renshaw to look through exciting releases, and get to know the friendly staff behind the counter.

Defend Vinyl

If you fancy a trip out from the city centre and need to get your hands on some exclusive releases, then get down to Defend Vinyl.

By teaming up with Craft Taproom, a brand new bar just a block away from Defend, they are planning to make it a Record Store Day to remember.

With live music and guest DJ sets, and stocking as much RSD releases as possible, you might just find what you’re looking for.

If you can’t make RSD, Defend Vinyl will be taking any leftover stock (if there is any) as well as other exciting records to their own mini-record fair, which will soon be announced on their Facebook page.

Dig Vinyl

Despite not participating in RSD exclusive titles, you still definitely want to check out Dig Vinyl. Focussing on second-hand records, they stay true to what they want to be, giving vinyl lovers the opportunity to geek out.

General manager, Yvonne Page takes pride in their diverse second-hand collection since allows you to ‘find great original releases at great prices meaning you can spend away. Or perhaps you will come across that rare original that you’ve always needed to have.’

Such care goes into finding a great range of original pressings that you can show off to all your friends. So be sure to stop by at Dig Vinyl for the truly authentic record shop experience and dig deep in their LP’s and singles crates.

Probe Records

Edging more into the city centre, you may decide to visit Probe Records, at more than 40 years of trading – one of the longest established record stores in Liverpool.

Focusing primarily on re-releases, you’re likely to find newly pressed classic titles at affordable prices (comparative to that little known store HMV) to add to your collection. Though, with less on offer in terms of originals and rarities these days, it is uncertain whether they will be participating in RSD.

But if you’re only just starting off your vinyl collection, you may want to start at one of the most well-known
independent record stores in town. Just don’t expect service with a smile. Nudge nudge, wink wink.