Rebecca Black’s Friday tops 100m YouTube viewers – song to get Glee treatment soon

Posted on 18 April 2011
By Matt Barden
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The power of the viral song hit a new high this week as Rebecca Black’s Friday notched over 100 million YouTube viewers.

Black has knocked YouTube veteran Justin Bieber of the top perch, by racing up the monthly most viewed charts and banishing the Baby, Baby, Baby boy into second place.

The highly derided video and song, which features 13 year old Rebecca recollecting the days of the week (kind of like an auto-tuned Sesame Street song), will also be making it’s way to the small screen, as it was announced that the cast of Glee will be covering the song in a future episode.

Many have criticised the way people have attacked Rebecca, with YouTube comments ranging from the obvious: ‘Terrible song,’ to the unnecessary; ‘this song stinks like poop on top of a poop on top of another poop that is on top of this bitch’s fucking ugly face.’

While there is no defending the atrrosity of the lyrics and the heavily auto-tuned voice of the 13 year old ‘singer’, her speedy rise to pop stardom surely says more about society than anything else.

We lap up quick pop fixes, now dominating the charts, with shallow lyrics bundled into a catchy chorus and nobody bats an eyelid. Then Ark Music Factory come along and strip down the generic pop song into the bare parts; auto-tuned voice, barely logical lyrics, teenage dance routines and wrap it all up with an annoyingly ‘stick in your head all day’ chorus.

Ark created the monster and our morbid curiosty to watch God-awful things gave it life. The record label acted just as Dr Frankenstein did, creating a monster and letting it loose on the world, where the kindest course of action would have been to tell the girl her voice wasn’t good enough to make her a pop star.

The success of Friday has led to string of YouTube parodies and dubs, check out one of our favourites above.

Unfortunately it seems we may be in store for more of Rebecca’s music as she has confirmed that she is currently working on her next single and an upcoming debut album.

Hopefully she’s hired some new songwriters, or she may well become, unfairly, the most hated little girl in the world.