Radiohead set deadline for new album The King of Limbs

Posted on 14 February 2011
By Oliver Logan
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Radiohead have announced that their 8th studio album is scheduled to be released imminently online and fans are going crazy in anticipation.

The Oxford band always drum up a huge amount of interest whenever a new release is on the cards and this latest project is no exception.

A flood of Radiohead fans tore through the internet searching for information on the new release and to verify the good news for themselves.

One fan site crashed as traffic exceeded “tens of thousands of hits a minute”, which is just one indication that The King of Limbs is set to be a download sensation.

Editor of the site said they were inundated as soon as the news broke and despite their best efforts were unable to keep the site functioning.

He said: “I wanted to be ready for the traffic rush, so I tried to get the people who work on my servers to increase the capacity. But it didn’t happen in time, so sadly the site went down.”

The album is set to go viral on Saturday the 19th of February. The ‘pay what you want’ idea of the last album has been thoroughly debunked and a fixed price of £6 has been placed on its head. It was like trying to put out an industrial fire with a kitchen fire extinguisher.