Quickfire close-up: The New Cities

Posted on 18 February 2010
By Jo Ching
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Purple Revolver (PR):What did your school report say?
New Cities (NC): Well to give you a good idea, in this band it goes from a master in physics to a couple of dropouts (names are hidden to protect the guilty!).

PR: What’s the most important lesson you learned?
NC: Don’t drop out of school (laughs). Seriously, so far we’ve realized that we made the right choice to never give-up, working hard and believing is the key, as cheesy as it sounds.

PR: What advice would you offer to new musicians and artists?
NC: Be pro-active, work as hard as you can to make it happen. And most importantly, surround yourself with people who genuinely believe in you.

PR: Coming from Quebec do you speak fluent French?
NC: Oui, we’re all French Canadians

PR: Who would you most like to French kiss?
NC: We’ve been touring the UK quite a lot lately and we’ve seen loads of very attractive new female artists! It turns out we have a pretty similar taste in women so here’s an updated list (in no particular order):
Frankie from the Saturdays
Katy Perry
Pixie Lott
Marilyn Monroe
Kylie Minogue
that chick from Avatar (is this wrong?!)

PR: Wildest story while on tour with Twenty Twenty?
NC: It sounds boring, but so far nothing really crazy has happened…except getting speed tickets and a few spilled coffees in the van haha, but as we speak we’re gonna be playing the last show of the UK tour with Twenty Twenty, The Broadcast and Jodie Has A Hitlist. It’s Fran’s (JHAH) birthday as well…so wild things will most likely happen tonight.

PR: What do your fans send you?
NC: Mostly food, maybe they think we’re too skinny. But hey, we’re not complaining!

PR: Biggest star you’ve met, describe your encounter – were you starstruck?
NC: We played with the Black Eyes Peas at a festival in Canada, Dave met Fergie and spoke to her for a little while. He had a photo taken with her but later found out the flash hadn’t worked. Dammit!

PR: Which film is based on your life?
NC: Definitely “This Is Spinal Tap”. It’s a parody but I’m sure most bands can definitely relate. There’s this scene where they all get lost in the backstage area on their way to the stage before a show, this actually happened to us.

PR: Team Jacob or Team Edward?
NC: Team Jacob… come on, would you rather be a bad-ass werewolf or an over-emotional non-blood drinking Vampire?

PR: What’s your guilty pleasure?
NC: Kylie Minogue

PR: What are you addicted to?
NC: So many things! Coffee, internet, laptops, music, movies, art and all day breakfast places.

PR: What is your most treasured possession?
NC: Our passion and unity. And our limo van (even though it keeps breaking down!).

PR: Favourite city in the world and why?
NC: We’ve seen so many great places on our travels, but it’s always a great feeling to come back home…even if only for a few days.

PR: If you had one song left to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
NC: Very tough to choose only one, but if we have to then let’s say “Sinking Has Never Been So Easy”. This song has a very strong lyrical meaning to us, its all about the initial struggle of making it in the music industry. It’s also a song that we can tweak and fool around with live. There’s room in it for intense electro jams. This song will constantly evolve throughout time as we adapt it more and more.

PR: If you had the chance to build your own new city what would it filled with? Describe your new city…
NC: It’d be that all-chocolate city that Homer imagined in a Simpson’s episode, mixed with that Gun’s n Roses song, “Paradise City”.

Name of your city: “All-Chocolate Paradise City”

Language: Any…all!

National dish: Poutine (greasy national dish involving chips gravy and cheese. So that with added chocolate sauce)

Flag: Neon Pirate Flag

Currency: Coconuts n’ mangos

Fashion/national dress: Well since we’re on a tropical island, we wont be needing any clothes.

National anthem: “Love Song” by The Cure

Laws: Hmmm…nah!

Education: Make your own…

Entertainment and culture – what do your citizens listen to and do for fun?
There would be music and art festivals every day, which would go on till the early hours. So if you’re an early bird or couch potato it might not be the right country for ya!

Oh and…there would be a massive underwater show room with neon frames and crazy fishes!

Holidays and celebrations: Jennifer Love Hewitt Day…still working on choosing what day.

Religion/spiritual beliefs: Any as long it involves equality and non violence…and surfing.