Queens of the Stone Age take a studio lesson from Elton John

Posted on 17 June 2013
By Maria Sanz
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Rock band Queens Of The Stone Age were given a lesson in the studio by the English singer-songwriter, Sir Elton John.

The Candle in the Wind star, 66, showed the band up whilst performing a piano piece from their album ‘Like Clockwork’, ranked number two on the UK albums chart.

Founder of the hard rock band, Josh Homme said: “He’s a fellow workaholic, consuming so much music, taking it in, searching it out.

“He’s a bad ass piano player. People forget that, they take him for granted.

“He learned the song we did in 20 minutes and there’s nine changes and six parts.

“It’s a daunting process. We were making mistakes while he wasn’t. It was a bit embarrassing, frankly.”

Working with Sir Elton was a dream come true for Josh: “What Elton means to me prior to meeting him is me being a kid floating in the swimming pool in Palm Springs on a yellow floaty hearing Yellow Brick Road, because I remember thinking: ‘I’m on a yellow pool matt.’

“Elton John has been an omnipresent musical figure in my life. It was wonderful to realise he was totally deserving of that omnipresence.”

The sixth studio album ‘Like Clockwork’ was released earlier this month.