Prince Announces Brand New Albums Set For September Release

Posted on 3 September 2014
By Elliot Ramsey
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Art Official Age, his first solo album in four years, and Plectrum Electrum, the first release from his new band 3rd Eye Girl, are set to be released via Warner Bros. Records on 29th September in the UK.

Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince and Joshua Welton, Art Official Age is a fusion of styles, signifying a real creative progression by the artist, while Plectrum Electrum, recorded live and in analog, locates itself firmly in the genre of funk-rock, and is both an electrifying sound and a departure from his previous work.

With the formation of his new band 3rd Eye Girl, and his sell-out ‘Hit & Run’ tours across the UK and Europe, 2014 has been one of the most exciting years in the artist’s recent history. With his hotly-anticipated appearance on TV show ‘New Girl’, as well as headlining and curating the July 4th Essence Festival in New Orleans, Prince is continuing to prove his worth as a contemporary artist who is constantly evolving and innovating.

Described by Warner Bros. Records CEO Cameron Strang as “one of just a handful of visionary artists who have truly reshaped and redefined modern music and culture”, Prince is constantly reinventing his sound and pushing the boundaries to adapt to the ever-changing nature of the music industry, and his forthcoming albums indicate that he shows no signs of letting up.

His futuristic soul-funk track ‘U Know’ certainly highlights Prince’s progression creatively, with synth melodies and R&B drum beats draped atop the artist’s recognisable falsetto vocals. The song is presents itself as a fusion of genres, and the amalgamative sound of contemporary popular music.

In contrast, 3rd Eye Girl’s track ‘Whitecaps’ offers up a more mellow, nuanced sound, showcasing the seductive and soulful vocals of drummer Hannah Ford Welton, and bringing out a more organic and stripped-back sound.

Both albums are available for pre-order via digital retailers and from, and prior to the albums’ release date, ‘U Know’ from Art Official Age ( and ‘Whitecaps’ from Plectrum Electrum ( are available to stream online now.

The track listings for Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum are as follows:

Art Official Age

1. Art Official Cage
2. Clouds
3. Breakdown
4. The Gold Standard
5. U Know
6. Breakfast Can Wait
7. This Could Be Us
8. What It Feels Like
9. Affirmation I & II
10. Way Back Home
11. Funk N Roll
12. Time
13. Affirmation III

Plectrum Electrum

1. Wow
2. Pretzel Body Logic
3. Ain’t Turnin’ Round
4. Plectrum Electrum
5. Whitecaps
6. Fix Ur Life Up
7. Boy Trouble
8. Stop This Train
9. Another Love
10. Tic Tac Toe
11. Marz
12. Funk N Roll