Pop trio Performance announce return with new single: The Living

Posted on 23 March 2010
By James Walker
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This pop trio from Manchester have a unique boasting point, not only are they seasoned pop musicians, they are fronted by an internationally published novelist.

Their last release came in the form of 2007’s (we are) Performance, of which a limited press of 1000 CD’s was made and distributed through Manchester record shops.

Following this, singer Joe Stretch wrote two acclaimed novels; Friction (2007) and Wildlife (2008) which were published by Vintage/Random House.

Concurrently Joe Cross (synth, bass, programming) and Laura Marsden (guitar) formed as an electric pop-duo Kiss In Cities.

Cross has also been attributing his producer/songwriting skills to (among others) new hot-tipped bands Hurts and The Sound Of Arrows.

Performance have a rich history of overcoming the struggles of drugs, depression, disease, losing a band member, and major label politics to boot, but impressively they are not ready to throw in the towel to such pressures.

The release of the new single The Living is set for April 26th, with the album Red Brick Heart, produced by Cliff Jones due out later in the year.