North West band Chemistry Lane to release hypnotic new single

Posted on 16 February 2015
By Faye Smith
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Chemistry Lane’s new single “Tearing Wings Off A Butterfly” gives a chemical reaction that should result in provoking lovers of music to want to learn more about the indie electro five-piece.

With a mix of synth-pop and hypnotic vocals, everything in “Tearing Wings Off A Butterfly” beautifully clashes creating a new sound that tells a story inspired by humanity’s ability to destroy the things that are striking.

The first five seconds of the song is different – to say the least – to every other indie song. In pummels the electronic scratches before the drums kick off to a beat that will get your foot tapping. Add in some keyboards and there you have the catchy backing track.

The captivating vocals step in to pull the drums back which results in a piece of music that is hard not to play on repeat.

The most supreme part of the song is when Simon Jones – Chemistry Lane vocalist – repeats ‘Tear the wings, tear the wings off’ until it crescendos to the final chorus clashing with the bridge in an understated powerful manner.

All in all, “Tearing Wings Off A Butterfly” is a song choice that will keep you listening for hours on end. It is the follow up of debut “Faustian” which is just as commanding to the ear.

Chemistry Lane will be playing numerous shows throughout the year including dates in Liverpool and Manchester.

“Tearing Wings Off A Butterfly” is out March 23rd and will give a taste of what is yet to come by this five-piece made up of Simon Jones on vocals, Sam Pritchard on guitar and synths, Dan Pritchard on bass and synths, Tom Scargill on guitar and Sean Stockton on drums and samples.

It is a new noise that will be a welcoming pleasure to your ears.

We can’t wait to see what they do next.