Ne-Yo takes inspiration from UK dance scene for new sound

Posted on 8 July 2010
By Jo Ching
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R&B popstar Ne-Yo takes inspiration from his UK trip for his new dance-electro sound for upcoming synth-beast Beautiful Monster.

The singer-songwriter named Ne-Yo after Neo ‘The One’ from The Matrix for his ability to write a hit in 5-10 minutes, says he cracked dance music thanks to his UK fans.

He says: “My audience is vast, spanning soul and R&B and pop and dance. 

“Beautiful Monster is the first track off the new album, and it’s a big House number.

“I was inspired by a bigger dance, House sound during my tour of the UK, I didn’t really get dance, House or trance before.”

He’s also been influenced by super-producer David Guetta, after laying down vocals on Choose alongside Kelly Rowlands on David’s massive One Love album.

David flexed his Midas touch on Kelis’ cosmic Accapella, another slice of Noughties R&B-dance magic.   

Ne-Yo’s forth album Libra Scale, based on his first short story, is slated for a September release.

In his self-penned fictitious novella the hero has to choose between a life of money, power and fame versus love. 

And Purple Revolver predicts a pop dynamite collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo by the end of the year.

Hitmaker Ne-Yo has worked with the best in pop and R&B, from Gaga’s bessie Beyonce, Rhianna, Jennifer Hudson to 50 Cent.  

GaGa will definitely want a piece. Little Monster or Beautiful Monster – which one are you?

We are eagerly awaiting the music video, but for now you can catch a stills-and-lyrics version on YouTube and lock in those lyrics and choreograph your own dance.