Mix-tape Monday: SPF 5000

Posted on 17 September 2012
By SPF 5000
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SPF 5000 is a 25th Century dance band from the very funky Somerville, MA. Led by Amy Douglas, whose feature vocal work with such notables in Indie Dance as Treasure Fingers, Juan MacLean and Lazaro Casanova, produced by bassist and producer Rob Phillips and given additional grease by Daymeyn Maurice on vocals, SPF 5000 brings the rock concert to the dance floor, and the dance floor to the rock concert.

SPF 5000’s Mixtape:

i) Led Zeppelin – Bring It On Home
Because nothing is worth a damn if there is no Zeppelin involved. This one, which concludes Zep II is like the perfect coffee break, it’s gentle and intimate, but then your sugar and coffee kicks in and WHAMMO!

ii)Dzihan & Kamien – Gran Reserva – “Drophere”
This song is all about the subtle dynamics and chilling vocals. When the drums kick in about two minutes in it’s so understated, but just right. This song is all about the subtle dynamics and chilling vocals.

(iii) Jam & Lewis – The New Style
It’s hard to find people who write superb instrumentals. Here is a great energetic instrumental by two of the best producers of our time, and two men who have influenced SPF in a major way.

(iv) Chet Baker – I Fall In Love Too Easily
He’s like the male Billie Holiday with a trumpet and his performance of this track is seriously epic.

(v) Ulrich Schnauss – Far Away Trains Passing By
Nobody’s Home Rob says he first heard this track on Nick Warren’s 2003 Reykjavik mix for Global Underground. He’s had it in regular rotation since. The whole thing builds on a simple eight-bar motif and he keeps it developing for over seven minutes without it ever feeling boring. The vibe is pure joy.

(vi) The Cure – The Hanging Garden
This song is all but a template for creating dark and tense drama. It’s like the counterpart piece to Siouxsie and the Banshee’s Spellbound but with way more…tension. Perfect song to listen to on the way to work on Monday, or just start a week, especially if it’s foggy or rainy. It just puts you into a dark dream-state. By the time you get where you’re going you’re like a goth rock star and you can handle anything just by holding out your hands.

(vii) Queen – You Take My Breath Away
Freddie singing like an angel, some of the most insane vocal arranging and overdubbing you’ll ever hear on one track and one that puts a big fat lump in the throat. It’s simply gorgeous.

(viii) Zo! feat Phonte – Flight of the Blackbyrd
Seriously slept-on funky ass 70’s JAMMMMMM by two seriously underrated and appreciated talents.

(ix) Brian Eno – Music For Airports – “1/1”
Rob Phillips our producer puts it best: “I’ve heard this record literally hundreds of times, but I keep coming back to it like it’s brand new. This track leaps off the album and it sets the tone for the whole thing. Simple whimsical piano phrases. Elegant simplicity at its finest. It never gets old.”

(x) Dee Lite – Pussycat Meow
Cool instrumental single from the ETERNAL Dee Lite.