Michael Gray reworks 2004 dance hit Can’t Wait For The Weekend dance hit with Roll Deep

Posted on 23 August 2012
By Bert Bernstein
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Michael Gray re-releases dance single Can’t Wait For The Weekend featuring Roll Deep, giving his 2004 popular club hit a 2012 facelift.

One of the biggest tunes of the Naughties is set to immerse us in an ocean of nostalgia with a little help from London’s most renowned music collective, Roll Deep.

Michael Gray has reworked his 2004 floor-filling hit The Weekend for a new dance generation. This heavenly slice of historical hedonism will strike chords with those familiar with the dance hit, while feeling fresh and energetic to newcomers as it fills the radio airwaves for the remainder of this Golden Summer of 2012.

Not a cover, or a duet, Can’t Wait For The Weekend by Michael Gray is a fusion the cream of the commercial dance sound of 2004 and the UK’s first family of Grime, Roll Deep.

The result is a big bombastic party jam, that will have you riding the beat like a tractor and going bonkers until you pass out.

Michael Gray is a bastion within dance music since the 90’s, DJing all over the world, playing alongside David Guetta, and producing (both on his own and as part of Grammy-nominated duo Full Intention) hot remixes for the likes of Maverick Sabre, Alexis Jordan, George Michael, Jennifer Lopez and Faithless.

In 2004 Gray unleashed the monster smash hit The Weekend, he then followed this up by his single Borderline feat. Shelly Poole which filled dance-floors and climbed the charts across the globe.

Roll Deep are an institution of the UK dance underground, with a decade-long history as pioneers at the forefront of radical hip-hop and grime.

But they’re no museum piece with a venerable past and a dim future. On the contrary: artistically they are on top form, and commercially they have never been hotter, with two number 1 singles in 2010 alone that meant that, cumulatively, they occupied the chart’s pole position for longer than any other act that year.

They’re not just an institution, they’re a corporation, and as such they have employed some of the biggest names in the business: Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and Skepta, to cite just three key characters, have all passed through their ranks, almost as a grime rite of passage, while Wiley, the godfather of the genre remains a shadowy totemic figure as Roll Deep’s mysterious guiding force.

The Roll Deep collective of singers, musicians, producers and MCs, which usually contains no fewer than 10 members and sometimes more than a dozen, has dominated the scene since forming in London’s East End in 2002.

The constant evolution of Roll Deep’s line-up has helped ensure their sound remains at the forefront of the ever-changing styles of the fast-moving dance and urban underground scenes, keeping them both relevant and fresh throughout their 10-year career.

Michael Gray’s dance single Can’t Wait For The Weekend featuring Roll Deep is released on 23rd September on Cooking Vinyl.